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Yahoo Toolbar - Installs Even if I Uncheck box
  • I have been watching the complaints of some about the PDFforge Yahoo tool bar being installed even though they unchecked the box about installing it.

    I seem to remember this happening to me where the toolbar was installed in both Firefox and IE and I did not tell it to.  At the time I figured I just messed up and left the box checked.  I manually installer the toolbar and went on.    Well today I had to uninstall and reinstall PDFCreator due to other issues and was very careful about what was checked/unchecked and the thing is back!!

    I know I did NOT select to have the toolbar installed but it did.

    Thus the installer did not respect my wishes.  I know the authors keep denying this issue, but I am also seeing this.  Assuming that both sides are telling the truth to the best of their ability is there some set of strange circumstances that cause the tool bar to install when it should not?

    I am happy to help try and work though why it might have shown up but don't say won't if it did.

    thoughts by others?




  • Please confirm you've actually removed what's mentioned in both of these screenshots:

    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2

  • Thanks to lwc for the screenshots.

    Do you have removed both check boxes? (if you untick the second one, the first one has no effect as the toolbar is not installed)

    If you really did remove both check boxes, please let us know, as this would truly be a severe problem in the installer and we would try fo fix that with very high priority.

    kind regards,


    Team pdfforge
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  • lwc, thanks for the pictures. I think those pictures should be on the Pdfforge website.

    I did test this and it did work.

    I know there have been other posts on the same topic and they did not get as good a response as this.

    I can confirm that after uninstalling and makeing sure the box on the 2nd page was not checked things worked good.

    I do really appreicate the product.

    Lwc and Philip thanks for the comments.

    i am much more happy.

    Please consider adding the images to the website.







  • I actually only removed the one in "Screenshot 1". It is close to cheating to ask for the same thing twice in order to increase the chances that the toolbar is eventually installed.

  • 1.) You are not asked twice for the same thing.

    I can remember in a past version of PDF Creator (about 2006 or 2007) there was only the one check box in the feature list. If you said yes, then the toolbar is installed.

    The second option that you get prompted asks, if you want to make Yahoo your default search engine. If you really want to use the toolbar I think it makes more sense that you do not make yahoo your default search engine because for this you have the toolbar.

    2.) Most people find this toolbar annoying, but I prefer having a free software on open source basis with a toolbar then a software for 30$ per installation without a toolbar. This is the other way to get money for the project.

    If I would have paid for PDF Creator I would not accept this toolbar, but so it is OK. I know that there is a little trick to get the people installing it, but in other software you do not have the option to turn it off.

    3.) If you dont want the toolbar and you have already installed it you can remove it from Control Panel => Software very easy. It is also not a big deal to hide the toolbar in your browser.