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RFE: PDF Architect split file in single page files
  • hi,

    I had a RFE for PDF Architect. Often is usefull to edit a PDF files with something like Inkscape 0.48 or LibreOffice 3.5, that perfectly render PDF files, expecially when are single page. Inkscape limit editing to a single page, LibreOffice sometimes break when the PDF is too much complex and with too much pages.

    So as workaround, I split a multipage PDF in single page files using command line tools like PDFTK, edit the single page with better results, and then rejoin in a single file.

    PDF Architect can be very useful if can split the file in files and then rejoin in a simple manner.


  • rejoin in a single page ==> rejoin in a single file

  • I specifically discard payid software.
    As a second choice I choose freeware, but preferred solution is opensource
    Kernel for PDF to Word .... Word ?
    nothing related to perfect mach you get with inkscape or powerfull editing of builtin LibreOffice 4 PDF inport capability, sorry