A new PDF file created, but text is not selectable


Dear all,
since several weeks I’m experienced a weird issue: new
files created with PDF Creator 2.2 (Windows 7 64bit) are not
They are as if they were “graphics” contents.
It’s rather annoying.
Can you help me?
I tried for uninstall and re-installing same version, may be that an older version could solve this problem?



it’s not caused by PDFCreator, but rather the printing application. If the application doesn’t send “real” text, but instead an image of text, PDFCreator can’t convert this back into “real” text.
To verify this, please print seomthing from notepad.exe; it should result in selectable, searchable, real text inside the PDF.

best regards,


What do you mean for “printing application”?
May be the application from which I start the PDF Creator printing process?
Because, in this case, the application is Mozilla Firefox but I cannot find any print option in itself.



yes the application which send the print job to the PDFCreator printer.
I just tested printing this page with Firefox and it resulted in real text. Do you have the latest version of Firefox?
I don’t think there is any option for this in Firefox.

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I have found this problem occasionally with older Firefox versions, and now suddenly again with Firefox 59 version. With old Firefox this problem went away when you took ‘Print background (colors and images)’ setting away from Firefox Print settings.
With 59 version I tried with several suggestions about:config and deleting ‘print_printer’ lines etc. None of these was able to bring selectable texts back in Firefox generated, PDFCreator made PDF files.

I even tried with another PDF creating tool, and the problem with Firefox remained the same. It really is setting related problem in Firefox itself.

The solution was to go Toolx->Options -> Language and Appearance -> Advanced. Here is the setting “Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of your selections above”.

If you choose to tick this setting, then PdfCreator will make PDF file as graphics, with non selectable text. If you take the setting off, then the PDF files will again be text based and selectable.

I have had this setting taken of for years, because I want to have Firefox to use my constant, same fonts on every site. I had to take it off about week ago, to test one badly written web shop site.


Nice work finding this, I imagine it must have taken quite some effort