"Actions > Print Document > Select Printer" Overwrites Pre-Configured Printer Settings


Currently, on an HP Laserjet M606, I have a printer configured to print a different colored separator page from tray 1, and then print the rest of the print job from tray 2.

In PDF Creator, I have this setting:
Profile Settings > Actions > Print Document checked

Then I have these options set:
Select printer: select printer - >, then my HP printer selected.

When I print to PDF Creator, it overwrites those separator settings I had mentioned earlier, then prints everything from tray 1.

When I chose: Select printer: printer dialog:, then manually choose my HP printer when printing with PDF Creator, the separator settings remain intact.

Is this a bug? Are there any workarounds or settings I’m missing? I appreciate your help in the matter.



I will need to have a more detailed look at this, but in general the print action uses Ghostscript to directly print the Postscript file to the (pre)selected printer. You might find an answer to this in the Ghostscript docs. A possible workaround could be to use the “run script” action to print the actual output file from its default viewer.

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Hey Robin,

I was able to implement a workaround using a batch file, and it should work for our needs.

Thank you!