Activation Key for Architect 6


I have the activation key for Architect 5, can it be used for Architect 6 or do I need a new one ?

Thanks, Trevor



I am afraid the activation key can only be used for the (main) version it was purchased for, so the latest you can install with your key is 5.1. PDF Architect 6 offers a new subscription model which ensures you can always use the latest version while your subscription is ongoing.

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So you are stating that even though we purchased a full licensed version (5 Professional in my case), that we now need to pay again for the new upgrade to 6? I am trying to view the emails I received stating to upgrade and don't see where I would need to purchase it again for the upgrade


That's correct. You can use PDF Architect 5 as long as you wish but you will not be able to upgrade to Architect 6 for free, only minor updates and bugfixes for PDF Architect 5 are included in your license.
You might be able to grab an upgrading offer in the notification system in PDF Architect 5 or in the email newsletter.