Add text to fields in forms created by others


I've downloaded a Form W-9 from the IRS, which has fields to fill with my name, SS#, etc. I want to use my PDFArchitect 6 Standard Plan to type in the necessary details, rather than print out the form, fill it out by hand, and scan it.

I click on the Edit menu, and I get a popup that asks me to activate Edit features. When I click Activate Now, it offers to sell me an Edit Plan for $29. But that should be included in my Standard Plan, right?

When I click Buy Now (thinking it will give me an opportunity to sign in to my account or something), it offers to sell me the Professional Plan for $49. I don't want to upgrade, I just want to use the features I've already purchased.

The application window has my name in red in the upper right, and if I click that I can verify that I'm logged in.

I go back to the application and click the first field on the W-9 form, and I get prompted to buy Forms Features, as part of the Professional Plan, which will enable me to create forms. But I don't want to create a form, I just want to type into fields in a form created by someone else.

Do I really need a further upgrade (beyond Standard Plan) to do what i'm trying to do?



sorry for the trouble. You can fill out forms even with the free edition; the "trick" is to switch to view mode, which might seem unexpected at first but makes sense since you need to be able to switch between editing the actual form field and filling it out.

Best regards