Auto-save mode: The destination file ....... is in use. The processing was stopped to prevent data loss


We use PDFCreator to write a PDF to a file which is picked up by an FTP process every 15 minutes. Additionally every 15 minutes (1 minute before the FTP) we copy files from the Autosave folder to an archive folder. I’m guessing we are getting the above mentioned error because one of these processes is grabbing a file that PDFCreator is not done writing? Is there a way to use a batch command to pause PDF creator from writing for a certain amount of time? This error is causing a serious workflow failure.


Additional info - using Version 1.6.2 with Ghostscript 8.64


Adding one more piece of info…this continues to happen about the same time every day. I notice each time that a second instance of the pdfcreator service is running at that time. Is there something that would kick this off again daily?


bumping to see if any help.



I am afraid the version you are using isn’t officially supported any longer; please update to a 2.x version in order to receive support from our end. I will leave this open in case another user has an idea how to fix this.

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