Background not added


Although I checked "Background" and chose a pdf background, whan I open a pdf and save it with the background is not added in saved pdf. I want to add a whole page background. Any help? The profile is correct.
Thank you!


Hi there,

Are you opening the PDF and then printing it to PDFCreator? Please verify.

Which version / edition of PDFCreator are you using?

Kind regards


Yes,I open it with some program or Pdfcreator and print it to Pdfcreator free v3.3.2 Build 3528.
I want to use a whole page pdf as background.
I configured it in Modify/Background. I did not use any script.
Thank you!


Are you printing from an image file? My guess is that the file might have a white background and therefore the file isn't visible.
Are you able to attach the file here for testing?


I open a pdf file, not image and print it to pdfcreator