Bought PRO+OCR still gives me notices about upgrades


I pay a premium fee for the pro+ocr version of pdf architect and i assumed i wouldn't see any popups for upgrades as i have the newest version, but still i am.

You guys really need to put some effort into the ads-program, maybe get options what to see and what not to see.
New updates in major version, notice / popup at start.
New major version, do you want to upgrade? notice / popup at start.
Special offers and promotions. notice / popup at start.



Hi @Zapy,

Thank you very much for your feedback, which I have just forwarded to my colleagues in charge of this notification system / ads.

Please accept my apologies.

Kind regards


Hi @Zapy

Sascha forgot to add that you're able to completely deactivate the notification system:

We'll inform you on our website & social media (twitter / facebook) as soon as a new PDF Architect version is released.



Thank you, i found those options yesterday but still wanted to give some feedback on what you guys could improve.
I rarely use FB and never Twitter, therefore a more genuin and cared-for update/notification-system would be a good benefit for us all.

As i would like new major release info or new versions (yes you have the auto update but maybe dont want to update but instead get a notice that its released)
But not special offers as i would search them up by my self.

Happy new year!