Bug in PDF creator/architect when converting from DOCX


I have some docx’s with URLs. the URLs show up fine in Office 2016. I print to PDF,

and while some URLs are fine many are truncated ie htt ps ://ww w.osdfdsfa. dsfjad/sdfhadhfhasfahdfhdsaf-dasfdf-sdafasf becomes htt ps ://ww w.osdfdsfa. dsfjad/sdfhadhfhasfahdfhdsaf-dasfdf- when clicked in the PDF resulting in a 404 error if they try to load the page.

what’s funny is other URLs that are longer are fine.

still other URLs add some text from around the URL to the link, ie htt ps://ww w.osdfdsfa .dsfjad/sdfhadhfhasfahdfhdsaf-dasfdf-BLAHBLAHBLAH

when the docx was laid out like h ttps :confused: /ww w.osdfdsfa .dsfjad/sdfhadhfhasfahdfhdsaf-dasfdf-

BLAH BLAH BLAH (with the URL being properly separated from the BLAH BLAH BLAH)



PDFCreator and PDF Architect use different tech to convert the files, which one (and which version) creates this issue?
Do the URLs get displayed correctly when printing to any other printer?

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both do it the same please test it yourself.

prints fine to canon printer…


Thanks for the feedback, I will try to reproduce this here.