Call another program after HotFolder is empty


I need to run Adobe Elements 11 after HotFolder has converted all the pdf files to a jpg file. The process is as follows and I would like understand what I can set in HotFolder to have it interface with Windows Task Scheduler to have this program start when HotFolder has moved all the files.

  1. I have a HotFolder and a MS Access 2016 will be creating and writing PDF files to this folder.
  2. Have HotFolder convert these files into a jpg image.
  3. When all files have been converted and the folder is empty,
    I would like to be able to set an return code, some system code so that when this value is
    is set the Windows Task Scheduler will start/run the this Adobe PhotoShop Elements batch
    procedure to convert the jpg files into the correct format that we need the files in.
  4. What can I do in HotFolder to be able to define & use some code for this batch interface?

Thanx in advance and I look forward to hearing back.




you will need to launch the PDFCreator.exe and configure the profile associated with your HotFolder printer.
Under the "advanced" tab you can specify a script action. The script will run after each conversion, so you will need to check if the HotFolder is empty from inside the script.

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Ho do I check if the HotFolder is empty?


This part is completely custom and has nothing directly to do with PDFCreator or HotFolder, you can implement it in any way you like. Probably you can use a simple batch script, here is an example how to check with a batch script:



I would like to loop every minute until the folder is empty. At that time, set this code and then exit HotFolder. Can I shutdown this application (HotFolder) using this process?



HotFolder runs as Windows service, so you will need to stop the service instead of directly terminating the process.