Can't append more than one extra page to existing document from scanner


I have PDF Architect 5, recently downloaded. In past versions I could scan from Twain to append any number of pages to my original document. This no longer seems to work for me in Arch. 5. Did something get changed?



there was recently an update to PDF Architect 5.1, which version do you currently have installed? It should still work, is the option missing or will it simply not append more than one page?

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In older versions, it would append multiple scans to an open copy of the document which allowed me to look at them as I scanned them to make sure they were good images.

I finally did figure out that I can scan and append multiple pages to the document but the document I am appending to has to be closed out of PDFArchitect. If I want to check the document I have to close it completely and even remove it from the VIEW tab to get it to append future pages.

Works but not very conveniently.