Changing PDF Version when saving


Hi. Is it possible to select a PDF-Version when saving a pdf?

When converting a document with PDFCreator I can choose PDF-Version 1.4 (which is the one I need for compatibility reasons with other software). When opening the same PDF and simply saving it with PDF Architect it changes the PDF-Version to 1.7, which is not what i wanted.
Can I somehow choose the version when saving?
Do I need a certain module to do so?

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I am afraid there is no (working) setting for this anywhere in PDF Archtiect.
If you don’t do any editing in PDF Architect and the file came out of PDFCreator as PDF 1.4, you could in theory open the PDF with a text editor and change the version number at the very beginning, this seems to be the only thing the other software is actually checking.
In theory there is a setting for this in the virtual PDF Architect printer but it doesn’t work properly, hopefully this can be fixed for the next release.

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Hi. Thank you for your answer.

This “feature” would indeed be very much appreciated, because without it we can actually not use the PDF Architect at all. We simply need a way of choosing a Version when saving similar to the one in PDFCreator. Opening and manipulating it in a text editor seems out of the question for me for obvious reasons.

Hope this gets fixed very soon.
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yes I totally agree editing the PDF wth a text editor isn’t the proper approach to this, this is only safe to do if you are 100% sure the PDF was actually created in version 1.4 and you didn’t do anything other than saving it with PDF Architect. In this case you will have a PDF which only uses 1.4 features but has the wrong version number at the beginning of the file.
I hope we will be able to fix this from our end soon.

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