COM Interface on VBA using print to a physical printer



I want to use your COM Interface to create PDFs and also print them optionally on a physical printer. With the function Printing.Enable and Printing.PrinterName it works very charming. The problem ist that the size of the document which is send to the printer is very big. For a example a document of 20 Pages gets up to 2gig. So printing needs of course very long.
So the questions is if this is a problem of the COM Interface or do I have to do any additional settings?



the Postscript file which gets sent to the printer shouldn’t depend on whether or not you are using the COM interface. The printing action just takes the Postscript file which was already generated when printing the original document to the PDFCreator printer and sends this to the hardware printer. Which application are you originally printing from?

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thanks for the quick reply. This is what I expected but somehow something happen between after creating the PDF and sending it to the printer. Mainly the original documents are from word some are PDF’s.
I tested it now on different printers and on some printers the size of the document is normal on other it’s huge.
On the other hand when I print with Adobe or Foxit it’s fine on all of those printers.

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