Create older version of PDF....need 1.4


With the current version of PDFCreator, is there a way to force it to create an older version of PDF? In particular, we are looking for 1.4, when this version is creating 1.7.


Just want to add…even though the set up screens say it is using 1.4, the Properties of the actual document say 1.7…



PDFCreator should create the PDF in the lowest possible version based on the selected features and actions. Unless you enabled AES encryption I currently can’t think of any reason for it to create PDF 1.7. Do you open and save the file with PDF Architect after it was created? This might change the version.

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It actually might be the same problem i posted today as well. Possible that after PDFCreator mopens the pdf in Architect you choose to “Save as” ans it changes the version nr to 1.7?



yes that will be it; this is a known bug in PDF Architect, but should work in PDFCreator. PDFCreator does save the file before opening it in PDF Architect, so you could close the document instead of saving it (and move it to a different location with the Windows Explorer if required). Hopefully it will be possible to fix this in PDF Architect directly for the upcoming versions.

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