Duplicates error when printing from 3rd party software (Revit)


When I choose to print from Revit through selection of separate pages with aim to merge them afterwards in PDFcreator Quick access menu before printing to PDF, there appears to be a bug.
Separate pages often gets duplicated one or more times, so i have to go through the whole list and find/delete duplicates before merging and printing.



we haven’t heard of this before, could you turn the logging level to “trace” in the application settings, reproduce the issue and send us the log? We will gladly look into this.

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Hi Robin,
here is the link for the log.

Had to remove 2 pages this time.



thanks for the log. It seems like the duplicates actually get sent to the PDFCreator printer twice, as their are 2 different .inf files which hold a job of the same title. Do you have another printer which you could use to check if Revit is for some reason sending some jobs more than once? Many of our users use PDFCreator to convert from Revit, I doubt it is a general compatibility issue as we haven’t heard of this before.

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