Error 29101 printing password protected PDF


I'm seeing this error when converting to PDF from Adobe Reader DC:

An error occurred: You have printed a password-protected PDF file and Ghostscript is not able to convert such files (29101).

However, converting the same PDF from SumatraPDF I am able to save the file correctly.
The PDF in question is NOT password protected.

What is the cause of this problem?



Password protected doesn't necessarily mean you need a password to open the PDF, it is enough if it finds a owner password (which is only needed to modify the PDF).
Adobe passes this information along to the printer, while Sumatra (and most other readers) don't. This causes Ghostscript to stop the conversion and return the error you have been getting.

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Uh, why do you let acrobat's poor system mess up your great app? I have a password protected pdf I am trying to print. It is password protected to open it. Security tab says I am allowed to print and do everything else.

I can print with Microsoft Print to PDF but not with your app.

ie - if the permissions / security allow printing and it gets to your app, then you can ignore that there's a password? Acrobat says that it is a password protected PDF.. .but not what you can / can't do with it?

I am NOT saying you should do things unethical. Just that it would seem if a password protected doc gives the person that opens it the right to print... you should be able to print it with PDF Creator.



it isn't really up to us, this is a Ghostscript "feature". Ghostscript is what PDFCreator uses internally to convert the Postscript print data to PDF and other formats.
The idea behind it (I guess) is that you can't use Ghostscript to strip protection from PDF files. Even though the settings allow print, printing it to a virtual PDF printer will basically remove the user password for you, so it is really something different than printing it to a piece of paper. On the other hand, if you have the password and you can view/copy all content anyway, you might as well directly be able to create an unprotected PDF from the password protected file.
You can actually print it to PDFCreator, you just can't use PDF as output format (if printed from Adobe Reader).
The best solution (in my opinion) is to simply print the PDF with PDF Architect or SumatraPDF instead of Adobe Reader.

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