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I’m going to tell you a problem that I have. When I convert a file to PDF, the generated document is no longer opened. I have marked the option to open the document, but it still does not open it.
Can you help me with this topic?
I have reinstalled too



Which OS are you using? We have some problems with Windows 8 and sometimes with Windows 10.
There is a workaround for that: You can use the “Run script” action and give it the path to your pdf reader software.

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Hi, Julian.

Could be posible that you write us the text that we need, in order to apply the “Run script”? Thank you!

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Hi my name is john and i have the same problem with our PDF creator in terminal server,

yesterday i have upgraded to 2.4 version and now after generating a document in pdf does not open automatically as before. My default program for pdf is adobe reader.

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I don’t know the path to your favorite PDF viewer, but this is how it could look like:

I hope this helps :wink:
And we are aware of the problem and working on resolving it :wink:

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Hi it not works,
Im with windows 8.1
i try yo uninstall all programs and install again: (PDF Ccreator, Adobe Reader DC, Sumatra PDF, Adobre Acrobat DC), and looking the rute for al the .exe for the script like u show at the example:

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@ithelpdesk please set the logging level to trace in the application settings and start another print job, then send the resulting log to support(at) and we will have a look at it. Using the action should work in any case as it just calls the given executable or script with the output filename as parameter.

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I have problem for PDFCreator 2.4.1 :frowning2:

help me. thanks



A possible answer to your problem is in this thread: 29100 - Internal GhostScript Error

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