Error sign Pdf Archite



I have a problema when i sign in PDF architect “The sign is invalid”

When i see the PDF that i signed , the PDF isnt signed

The certificate is valid, i use in others web pages.

Can you help me?

Thank you.



which version of PDF Architect are you currently using?

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PDF Architect 5

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after applying the signature, do you get a prompt for saving the signed copy of the file? PDF Architect doesn’t sign the actual file directly, but creates a signed copy of the file. Did you get any error messages while creating the certificate?
Do you get the message about the invalid signature inside PDF Architect, or does PDF Architect say it was successful but if you load it in a different viewer, it says invalid? Please explain as detailed as possible, currently I am not able to reproduce the issue. What type of certificate did you use?

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When I sign the pdf I receive a message to save the file and I do not get an error message, when I click on the signature I get “The signature is invalid”

And when I open the signed file for example with Adobe reader the signature doesnt appear

Thank you