Filename is cut after 70 characters


Hello there,

I am having an issue when exporting to PDF from AutoCAD. The file name is longer than 70 characters, and it is cutting off the last few.

The token I am using is "<inputFilename". (With a ">" to close but it won't post to this...)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Hi James,

which folder are you saving the file to ? Does the total path exceed 256 chars?

Best regards



Hi Robin,

The filename and path is as follows:
P:\JJJ\Temp\30502-HAL-00-GF-DR-E-9621 C2 - Single Line Electrical Distribution Sche.pdf

The last word should be schematic but it gets cut.

Also, is there a way to PDF a file so it is always landscape?

Many thanks,



sorry I am afraid I am not able to reproduce the issue, are you using the latest version of PDFCreator (3.2.2)?
You can enforce landscape orientation by changing Profile settings->Conversion->Page Orientation to landscape.

Best regards