Garbage Characters Only After Saving


So, when I try to fuse two PDFs made from my .odt (OpenOffice/LibreOffice) documents, I get a perfectly normal character set. Once I save, though, most of the characters become garbage characters. What's going on?


I hate to bump, but I still need help with this.



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How exactly did you perform the merge? Did use the OpenOffice function to export as PDF and then used PDF Architect to merge the PDFs, or did you "directly" merge the .odts with PDF Architect? Is OCR applied during any of the steps?

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Yes, I exported the documents as PDFs and then merged them. This is what I've done from the beginning.

I don't think I know what OCR means.



please try using PDF Architect to convert the documents to PDF (by printing them to the virtual PDF Architect printer), instead of using the OpenOffice export to PDF option. I assume OpenOffice isn't properly embedding the document fonts when exporting to PDF.

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Alright. It worked fine before, but I'll do that. Thanks!


It might be a document specific issue or something caused by a Windows/OpenOffice/PDF Architect update.
If converting via PDF Architect doesn't help, please create a ticket with the PDF Architect Support Team as I am part of the PDFCreator team and can only suggest general workarounds for PDF Architect issues or help with common tasks like replacing license keys.