Greyed Checkered Boxes across Tiff file


On a semi-often basis when I go to print a PDF to the Tiff printer the document is covered in greyish checkered boxes as shown in TiffIssue



which compression/color settings are you using to create the TIFF?
Have you tried changing those to e.g. 2 Bit LZW (for black&white)?

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Hey Robin, where can I find those settings?


In the "convert" section of the profile settings (for the profile associated with the TIFF printer)


The change has been made but we still seem to have the same issue. Any other suggestions?


I am afraid I have no idea what could be causing this other then the compression settings. I assume the issue isn't visible in the original PDF? Do you have another printer you can print it to for testing?


Correct, the issue is not present before the change. And no other printer unfortunately.


Feel free to send a sample PDF which produces this issue to support(at)pdfforge(dot)org and we will have a closer look at it to see if there is a solution.