Help needed! Weird exception: The specified time server account for signing is not configured. (12207)



I’ve upgraded from 2.5 to 3.0.1 and now I’m getting following exception when using COM Inferface: The specified time server account for signing is not configured. (12207).

Here’s the code I use:
Type queueType = Type.GetTypeFromProgID(“PDFCreator.JobQueue”);
Type creatorType = Type.GetTypeFromProgID(“PDFCreator.PDFCreatorObj”);

dynamic PDFCreatorQueue = Activator.CreateInstance(queueType);
dynamic creator = Activator.CreateInstance(creatorType);


if (!PDFCreatorQueue.WaitForJob(10)) throw new Exception(“The print job did not reach the queue within 10 seconds”);

var job = PDFCreatorQueue.NextJob;


job.SetProfileSetting(“ShowProgress”, “true”);
job.SetProfileSetting(“OpenViewer”, “false”);
job.SetProfileSetting(“Printing.Enabled”, “false”);
job.SetProfileSetting(“OutputFormat”, “PdfA2B”);

job.SetProfileSetting(“PdfSettings.Signature.Enabled”, “true”);
job.SetProfileSetting(“PdfSettings.Signature.SignaturePage”, “FirstPage”);
job.SetProfileSetting(“PdfSettings.Signature.DisplaySignatureInDocument”, “true”);
job.SetProfileSetting(“PdfSettings.Signature.LeftX”, “350”);
job.SetProfileSetting(“PdfSettings.Signature.LeftY”, “120”);
job.SetProfileSetting(“PdfSettings.Signature.RightX”, “550”);
job.SetProfileSetting(“PdfSettings.Signature.RightY”, “200”);
job.SetProfileSetting(“PdfSettings.Signature.CertificateFile”, “cert.pfx”);
job.SetProfileSetting(“PdfSettings.Signature.SignaturePassword”, “myPassword123”);


Please help!




I wasn’t directly able to reproduce the issue in PDFCreator 3.0.2, but it might be related to individual settings.
Please run the PDFCreator GUI once and check if any timeserver is selected, afterwards check if the selected time server is configured in the “accounts” tab. It seems to me that running the GUI once automatically creates 3 timeserver accounts and assigns the digicert one by default, did you perhaps never run the GUI after the update (it obviously shouldn’t be required, just trying to find the cause of the issue).

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Hi Robin,

Thank you for your reply. I did run PDFCreator GUI and checked the timeservers prior to using it via COM interface. I have three time servers set:, and None of them is set as “Secure Time Server” and thus user authentication should not be required. I get same error in v3.0.2. Everything works just fine if I print with digital signature directly from PDFCreator GUI but I get that error message while using COM.

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