How can I remove the E-Sign Manager tab?



I would like to learn how I can remove the E-Sign Manager tab from PDF Architect’s home page screen. I don’t see any way to make the tab go away.

I have not bought the e-sign module. Thanks,




I am afraid it isn’t possible to remove this.

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Hi Robin,

I’ve just purchased Pro today and was about to ask the same question. If we haven’t purchased E-Sign, then what possible justification can there be for it taking up real estate on my tab bar, of all places? It’s a little annoying and distracting, and it really belongs in the E-Sign ribbon area, not cluttering up my work area. I can understand that moving it might require some development time, but surely a patch to make it disappear entirely is not asking too much? If you could, please pass this request along to the developers.




Hi Michael,

I understand your point and will pass the request along to our developers, but I can’t promise if or when it might get implemented.

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I would like to second this request. The e-sign manager is extremely irritating and blocking the way it is currently implemented; it is really a hindrance for each user that hasn’t a need for it.
Danke vielmals



Brand new pro user here. I second that too. Honestly, the first thing I wanted to do with this software: get rid of that tab.

In fact, if you want to anoy me, put a thing I don’t need and will definitely not buy in the middle of my Workspace.
Please explain to me why it has to be like that – I’m sure that well payed people have argued a few hours, why “e-sign manager” cannot be in the “e-sign tab”, where it belongs. This is just wrong, isn’t it?

Regards, Samuel



Any news about this? That tab is fine if you only have the PRO version.