How do I get a refund?


after 30minutes of using it. Not happy and couldn’t wait to resolve any issues, too busy sorry. How do I get a refund?



for PDF Architect refunds, please contact our reseller Upclick ( with the Order ID for your purchase.

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I’m getting no response from upclk at the moment. Do you have an email I can contact them?

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the email I have should identical to the one linked to the ticket system on their website, did you try to phone them?
If you don’t get hold of them please let me know your order ID and I will take care of contacting them and making sure the refund goes through.

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Dear Robin,
I have write to upclk from contact form to receive a refound, beacause the program not perform correctly , but i don’t have receive any answer.
I had also a problem to phone them.

My order ID is UEEF4DFZ

Could You kindly take care of contacting them and making sure the refund goes through?

Waiting for Your kind answer,
Thank You and Best Regards.



sorry for the trouble. I will contact Upclick and ensure the refund gets processed.

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Upclick just confirmed the refund, depending on the payment method used for the purchase, it can take a few business days to arrive.