HOW get hi res in PDF architect LIKE used to get in PDFcreator 4000, 8000 dpi etc


I used PDFCreator or years happily and it was replaced by PDFCreator Architect against my choosing---AND Suddenly PDF Architect, I found, could NOT PRODUCE HIGH RES PDFs like PDF Creator had. THere was LOTS of bitmapping of small fonts in my complex pages. Terrible for my work as it depends on multi-level huge single page fractals of 216 or 256 boxes on a page EACH with six or seven english words in it. HOW increase resolution and STOP bitmapping of small figure fonts. My originals were done years ago in PDF Creator and have perfect resolution of all fonts even 0.01 pt ones.



PDFCreator and PDF Architect are two different application, there is no "PDFCreator Architect" application.
The only connection (currently) is that PDFCreator will automatically open the files it creates with the PDF Architect viewer, but it is still PDFCreator creating the files and PDF Architect only opens them without making any modifications. Did you try to open the files inside a different viewer= Perhaps the quality didn't change but PDF Architect doesn't display them in full quality. For 4000 DPI you might need to go into the settings/preferences of the virtual PDFCreator printer as it is set to 600 DPI per default (but this used to be 150, so I doubt this is the issue).

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