How to disable desktop ads in PDF Architect 3


Thanks for the feedback, I had a look at the settings and posting private messages was restricted to “level 1” users, but new accounts start with level 0 and need a certain amount of activity to reach level 1. I have now enabled private messages for everybody and will leave this enabled unless spam gets out of control.


The removal tools doesn't even work.

After "Removing completed", Architect Manager, and the evil "messenger" are still on my hard disk.


I removed your spyware software and all your products , whoever decided to run these pop ads from the desktop should be fired!!!!!


You can't get rid off this interesting piece of SW by using uninstaller. It does leave traces into a registry and top of that, especially on version 5, it does leave a folder from where you could find "Architect Manager.exe" file igniting these ads. I do not understand why SW company (btw, are you a company?) would like to make people angry and annoyed? These ads in the middle of other doings is just so freaky annoying that there are no measure to tell how much it can make my blood boiling. Nevertheless, I was able to turn off this lovely piece of SW, and clean my computer all the files and traces, but that required some amount of work and special skills. Time well spent? Not at all, all pure waste but you guys are now in my "registry" and it does say: Do not touch this SW never ever again. Thanks and have a nice summer.


The crap software with its nasty pop-up ads is the worst. I never miss a chance to tell people how awful it is. The fact that I cannot stop the pop-ups is pure evil.


Hi Robin,

I have the same problem using a full paid version of PDF Architect 6 !!! This is infuriating and completely unacceptable. I completely agree with JamTheDane. Considering what I read on this tread, I believe you aren't doing anything effective to correct this "issue". If I had not already paid for your solution I would have gone forever upset like hell. Now, since I paid, I will "test it for a little while"...

I did deleted the PDF Architect 6 Manager and I hope this will solve the issue. If not, your product will go directly to the trash and I will report you.

This is certainly NOT a good start for a new customer like me.
I don't understand how you can manage to still have this issue after so long even for paying customer !!! You really need to put your shit together or you will lose all your clients !

Sorry for my tone but I am really upset about this unbelievable situation. I also just created this forum account to tell you how upset I was. This is inadmissible !