How to disable screen popup in 3.0.2


Every time we try to print a file - from one specific computer - using pdfCreator 3…0.2, the admin screen pops up. This is not happening on others. I’ve attached the screen on question.
How do I turn this off? All the settings are correct and the actual file goes either into an Email or a folder properly .

Thanks for any assitance!
Bob Goldberg



this is usually caused by an issue during the installation/update of PDFCreator where the pdfcmon.dll can’t get replaced properly.
In a lot of cases, uninstalling PDFCreator, rebooting the machine once and installing it again afterwards will solve the issue.
If it doesn’t please check the version of the pdfcmon.dll in C:\windows\system32, it should be if it got replaced properly.

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Thanks - I re-installed the program and it’s good to go.