Installing Architect 2.0 Pro on a replacement computer


Hello, I purchased PDF Architect Pro 2.0 on August 14, installed it on my laptop and used it successfully for the past 10 days. Yesterday my laptop died and I had to purchase a new one last night. I need to be able to install PDF Architect on my new laptop ASAP – it’s saying that my activation key has already been used and it HAS but it’s on a machine’s hard drive which is no longer functional at all.

How do I get an activation key that I can use to install the program on this new laptop so that I can use what I’ve paid for??

My order number is UD8ZKG26.

Thank you for your help.



please send us your activation key to, we will deactivate the old key and give you a new one.

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I have the same problem. But I can’t find my activation key and I can’t find my order number.

What can I do?



you can contact the support on or use the transaction finder there to recover your license information. I am afraid we can’t really help with this, as all personal information related to PDF Architect purchases is exclusively stored on Upclick’s servers to increase security/privacy.

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