License Validation Fails at night PDFCreator Server Edition on print server


I have PDFCreator Server edition running on a Server 2008 print server. During the night, the PDF processing stops. I turned the logging on Debug and I see that the software is trying to validate and it fails causing the issue. We have a valid license until later this year. Here is what the web link in the log files shows:

ID=“removed for this post”
MESSAGE=Authorization failed
HASH=“removed for this post”

Any help would be appreciated.



I will need to double-check with the rest of the team, but I think AUTH_FAILED is only returned if PDFCreator can’t get through the proxy server on the user side, do you have a proxy server in place?

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We do have a proxy. I will make sure all traffic is allowed to license.pdfforge. org and test this issue again overnight. The license check triggers just after midnight.