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I’m considering buying your PDFArchitect software, but I’d like some advise before.

Are the licenses bought lifetime or for each version? If it is for each version, will it be full price or is there a maintenance fee? And again, if there is a fee, how much is it (more or less…)?

When I buy a license is it for me (as a person) or it is bounded to hardware? I mean; I have a desktop at work, another at home and a laptop. Will I be able to use one license on every PC?

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Hi Joaquim,

thank you for your message.
The PDF Architect licenses are for each version but you can continue to use the purchased version forever, e.g. if you buy PDF Architect 5 now, you can keep using it when PDF Architect 6 is released.
There are usually promotional updates offer at about 50% of the MSRP, but if you already buy the package at a discounted price in the first place, the update might be just as expensive as the initial purchase.
The license is always bound to hardware. It is possible to transfer it to other hardware by contacting our support, but you can’t have it activated on multiple machines at the same time.

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Hi Robin,

Thanks for your fast answer.

Very well. I forgot to ask when PDFArchitect 6 is going to be released?



HI Joaquim,

I haven’t heard anything about the release so far, but usually there has been roughly 1 major version release per year.

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Hi Robin,

Ok. When was this version (5) released? I promise this will be my last question :smile:

Thanks again.



no problem, please don’t hesitate in case you do think of anything else, it is totally fine.
PDF Architect 5 was released in Feb 2017:

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Hi Robin,

This puts me in a hard situation: buy now and get a discount or wait 3.5 months for version 6.

Can you share any new features of v6 that you might be aware of in order to help?

PS: I guess I lied being the last question :smile:



I borrow this topic…

I have a PDF Architect 5 Pro on my computer.
On other computer, I only need Merge, which is in the free version. Whether the free version can be used in the company or is for private non-commercial use only?


Moderator: while our Forum is very open and usually nothing will get censored, we will not allow promoting third party tools here unless they do something which our applications can’t.

If that’s the case then there is no point for this to be here.



you can use the free version in your company.

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