Need a list of error messages and their explanations


When I converted a PDF file to PDF/A, I got the message that the file was converted with “some errors.” A quick glance at the file tells me that it looks fine. Still, I’d like to know what those errors are or might be.



You can find some Log files of the PDF Architect via “%appdata%\roaming\pdf architect 4\logs”. Maybe you can find some more details on the errors there.

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Thank you, Julian.
I tracked down the file service.log, it was in ProgramData\pdfforge\PDF Architect 4 Manager\PDF Architect 4.
Unfortunately, I can’t open the file (using Notepad). I get the error message “The process cannot access the file because it is in use by another process.”
I restarted the machine. No change.
I fear that PDF Architect 4 failed to close the file properly.
I might be able to open the file as Administrator.



I am afriad the log you found is only for the PDF Archtiect notification service and not the application itself. Please enter %appdata%\PDF Architect 4 into the address bar of your windows explorer and press enter (the appdata folder is hidden by default, this is the easiest way to access it). Inside is a folder called logs, the newest log with architect in the name is the one of interest. Another way to find out what might be wrong which could provide additional information and is perhaps less complicated is to put the generated file through a free PDF/A online validator.

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Thanks! I needed that. What I found in today’s Architect log was

UIWnd::ElementQuery() failed, code: 262158
Thread: 1548 Load resource by hash 2870995805 failed
Loading resource “/common/Fonts/Calibri.ttf” by hash 2870995805 failed
UpdateServiceResponse parser: tag is missed.
Fail to query OnlineServiceAPI service object: corresponding service is not supported by the service provider.
Corresponding ribbon item not found by selector: [plugin-convert-required]
UIDocumentFramePanelsManager CheckPanelsDimensions incorrect geometry!

I haven’t looked at the other log files.

At Julian’s suggestion, I turned off the Hibernate feature. But I deleted the offending file; I downloaded the original file, performed the conversion, and all went well this time.