PDF Architect 5 freezes on closed



We need your help.
We have PDF Architect 5 licensed for 11 users and they have a problem.

When they close the software its freezes and they cant close it,
It only closes if we kill the process in task manager.

Has annyone report this yet?

We have the last update of the software and disable de CPU Graphics in the software.

Carlos Quintans


Hi Carlos,

while we have had some reports of crashes, nobody has reported a crash on closing so far.
Is the “quick launch” option enabled in help->options->general?
This will send the PDF Architect to the background instead of actually closing it and might be connected to the issue, please check if disabling it solves the problem.
Sorry for the trouble.

Best regards,



Hi Robin,

Theres a identical problem in this topic as well, so i’m not the first one to have this problem.

I will disable the quick lunch and see if that problem goes way.




I agree it is a similar problem, but for the other users it seems to be happening at random times, while in your case, if I understood correctly, it only happens when they close the application? Are any PDF Architect related errors logged in the Windows event log? If yes, please post the error messages here which will help us to troubleshoot thr problem more efficiently.

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Disabling the “quick launch” option = “Hibernate on Close for Fast Launch” option worked for me.