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What happen with my PDF Architect 4 right now ere released PDF Architect 5. Have all the customers that buyed PDF Arch4 pay again for the PDF 5 version?



everybody who purchased PDF Architect 4 after Jan 16th 2017 can get a free update by contacting support(at)pdfforge.org.
Otherwise it is a main version update and requires a new purchase, as PDF Architect licenses aren’t based on any subscription model, they are valid forever but only for the main version they were purchased for. The 4.1 and any 4.x updates are free though, if you have a PDF Architect 4 license.

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I purchased PDF Architect V4 on December 18th 2016. Whilst reBest regardsalising that I am outside the free update window, I would approciate the facility for batch conversion that the new V5 offers. Can a discount on the package price be offered in my case?

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I downloaded the free version of PDF Arch 5 but I can’t register it!

I get the message “Registration Service is unavailable”.


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there is currently a 50% discount campaign available through our newsletter, please check your inbox or let us know if you didn’t get any or aren’t signed up for the newsletter.

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please try again after rebooting your system. If you still get the error, please try if reinstalling PDF Architect solves it. Did you use the regular online installer or did you download the MSI package?

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Please help.

I bought PDF Architect Pro on February 9th I have been trying for two weeks to get a license issue upgrade to version 5, but so far not one response. I have submitted three service request… no answer. I have tried to call the support phone number… disconnects after voice menu. Can someone in support please help me!


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To get an upgrade, please contact support (at) pdfforge.org with your license information and we will help you.

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