PDF Architect 6 Minor Release Licence Clarity



I tried searching on this and nothing came up. I get a nag screen every time I open PDF Architect 6 and am redirected to the upgrade screen for PDFA6.1. The licence conditions say that I should be entitled to upgrade for the minor release, but after the last experience I had upgrading, I am hesitant to follow the upgrade path unless it it clear that it will not cost extra. Is this the case please?




if you have a PDF Architect 6 plan, you are entitled to use any version released while your subscription is active. If you have a PDF Architect 6 perpetual edition (license key) the minor update is also included for free.
Only if you have a PDF Architect 5 or earlier license, you won't be able to update for free.

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Many thanks, Robin.

I have upgraded PDFA with no problems.