PDF Architect Deinstallation


The deinstallation from PDF Architecht under Windows 10 seems to have achieved nothing! The Programm files still remained and there are still hundreds of registry entries. The only thing that was removed was the entry in add/remove apps!

The “Architect_Remover_1.0.10.34009” which I found here in the forum, after listing all the entries and files, refuses to remove them stating “This action is only valid for products that are currently installed. Code 1605”.

I am trying to deinstall the product because I found it invaded and disturbed all aspects of workflow with PDF files. Now in attempts to deinstall the product it is proving to be even more invasive and disturbing.

The program should be classified as Malware since this is exactly how it behaves!!


Testwise I reinstalled the product and the “Architect_Remover_1.0.10.34009” produced exactly the same result! “This action is only valid for products that are currently installed. Code 1605”



sorry for the trouble, running the default uninstall from the Windows control panel should usually remove all entries, the removal tool is only intended for situations in which the default method fails. Did you reboot the machine after the original uninstall attempt? This might be required in order to remove everything properly, although the uninstall should have indicated this if it was the case. To remove any integration with PDF files on your system, it should be enough to change the setting for the default application by right clicking on a PDF and going through the “open with” dialog.
If you’d like some more direct help on the issue, you can contact our phone support here:

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