PDF Architect Extended Download Protection. What does this mean?


I am about to purchase PDF Architect 5 - Professional Package what does PDF Architect Extended Download Protection give you?



the extended download protection is provided by our reseller Upclick, please visit www.upclk.com for more details. As far as I understand, it is a backup of the purchased software’s installer files on Upclicks servers.

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so, do I have to purchase it?



it is 100% optional and up to now all installers for PDF Architect are available on our own download servers.


Response regarding download protection "option" was a clear as mud. If I'm purchasing via reseller, the integrity of the product should be guaranteed by the author -- regardless! In other words, if I need to reimage my machine some day in the future, I should be able to obtain a subsequent download commensurate with my license. Otherwise, send me a disk or flash drive with my purchase. This has stopped me dead in my purchase. I don't like double vague talk. Be straight!



thanks for the feedback. As you can see on our download page, we keep all PDF Architect installers available for free download: http://download.pdfforge.org/
The download protection is something our reseller Upclick offers for all software purchased through them by default,regardless of whether there are other download sources available or not.

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