PDF Architect pollutes me with ads, takes forever to print


Before I uninstall PDF Architect and say Goodbye I wish to explain why.

  1. I installed a few days ago it because I need to use Firefox for certain professional apps. Apparently Firefox recommends PDF Creator as the default printer for emails, webpages etc. For some reason I went on to install PDF Architect, whatever that is. Well, together these deliver an extremely primitive and disagreeable user experience.
    Say I am in Gmail and I select "print this message" and confirm. Nothing happens for several seconds. After a while I look around in the task bar and see a printer icon has appeared. Then after a few more seconds I can manage to unearth the ugly PDF Creator window, hidden behind all the rest.
    This window has plenty of fields to attribute a title to the pdf, too bad that the file does not save under the title I have just typed in to the middle field. OK, goodbye, that's enough.
  2. What really decides me now to uninstall is that every five minutes I get a huge pop up inviting me to purchase the next edition of PDF Architect. FML. If it were aesthetically attractive maybe I would feel better inclined but come on, this was designed by an 8-year old with some red white and blue stickers.