Pdf Creator 2.52 Orientation problems within single file


When I pdf a file everything is set to pdf in landscape. However several pages are turned portrait.
When I use Architect there is n o issue but I need to use Creator in order to take advantage of the autosave feature.

Please help…



in profile settings->PDF->general you can set the orientation, did you leave this as it is, or did you set this to landscape, too? The autu-detect option can fail in some cases.

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Thanks Robin, appreciate the response…tried that doesn’t seem to help…



can you send an example (input) document for this?
Does this happen for all files, or only when you are printing from a specific application?
We will have another look at the rotation problem to see if it can be improved.

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Won’t let me upload a pdf here???
My email was rejected as well…



Hi @jimc

At the beginning I was suprised about this restriction on the forum as well, but from a security point of view it makes perfect sense to me.

You can send your example (input) document to support(at)pdfforge(dot)org.

Many thanks