PDF Creator *bug* Report



I think I’ve found a bug in PDF Creator.

It appears if the below Application Window is not closed after each PDF that the next PDF job sent to PDF Creator is not processed and will wait in the PDF Creator print queue (temp folder) until the application window is closed and re-opened.

Upon the next PDF being sent to PDF Creator (after the application window is closed) PDF Creator will then process both the previous PDF waiting in the temp folder and current PDF just sent.

Have you experienced this before?

This is particularly a problem for us as we process a lot of single PDFs, especially overnight so no one is around to close the application window.

The problem can be simulated in any application (Word, CAD, Excel etc) just print a PDF and do not close the PDF Creator application window (use the auto-save setting not the prompt for PDF name). Print another PDF (after saving it to a new file name – so it doesn’t overwrite the previous file) and you will see it does not get created and is “waiting” in the temp processing folder. Close the application window and reprint the PDF (after saving it to a new file name – so it doesn’t overwrite the previous file) and you will see you will be two (2) PDFs the one from the previous print that was “missing” and the PDF for the current print job.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


forgot to add i’m using 2.5.3 Build 6324 and it’s seems very similar to this thread.



most likely there was a problem during the last update and the pdfcmon.dll wasn’t replaced properly, which has caused the issue in all cases so far. Please uninstall PDFCreator and check that the pdfcmon.dll got deleted from %windir%\system32.
If it is gone, you can install PDFCreator again and the issue should be solved.
If it is still there, please delete it manually. To do this, you will first need to run cmd.exe as admin and type in the command
net stop spooler
to stop the spooler, then delete the pdfcmon.dll and afterwards start the spooler again with
net start spooler and install PDFCreator.
Sorry for the trouble, normally this should all be handled by our setup automatically but there still seem to be some conditions under which the pdfcmon.dll doesn’t get replaced as intended.

Best regards,