PDF Creator Business Licensing Issue


There is an issue with PDF Creator having licensing issues on some of our virtual machines. Our virtual machines are Windows 7 and are 1:1 in relationship to users. PDF Creator will work for a few days to a week and the will require a fresh install of the program in order to work again. We receive a message that states: “Your PDFCreator Business 2.4 is invalid or has expired. Please check your license”. When we select that we want to check our license it shows that it will expire 10/14/17. Once we try to activate the license again it says that the activation was not successful and “There was a problem with the connection to the license server.”



it does sound like it is a connection problem, PDFCreator needs to be able to contact license.pdfforge.org at least once every 7 das to refresh the activation status. Please check your firewall and/or proxy server settings to ensure this connection isn’t blocked.

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Sorry for the very much delayed response. Thank you though. That was the issue that we were running into.


Hi Nick,

I have the same problem, but I don’t know how to search the server or ip conection that is blocking firewall, I’m using windows server 2012 r2 and my partner from infraestrcucture doesn’t know to open a command or how remove the blocking.


Hi Robin,
I am getting the 7 day reactivation process but when I try to use the On-line activation I get the message
“The activation was not successful
No license available. Please enter a new license key”
Suggestions? (My licence expires on 09/12/2017)


Hi Shane,

under which name is the license registered? I will most likely need to look into the license server logs to answer this.

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Hi Robyn thanks for the response.

The License name is Shane McCabe issued on 10 December, 2014 for 3 years.

I have noticed that since the day of my last post, the problem has stopped - it may have been a problem with connecting with your server on that day perhaps as I noticed that our country’s largest telecommunications company was also out all that day, although I was still generally able to access other international sites that day.

Thanks again.


Hi Shane,

I checked in our license server and you are right, it must have been a connection problem, as no failed activation entries were recorded in our logs (so they must have not reached us at all). In case you should run into this again, you can use the offline activation if there is a larger connection problem. PDFCreator will still work if there is no connection for a few days but needs to be able to contact our license server at least once a week.

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