PDF to JPG using the command line?


There is a possibility, “convert” PDF to JPG using the command line?



PDFCreator has a number of command line parameters. You can find the documentation here: http://docs.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator/2.4/en/pdfcreator/using-pdfcreator/command-line-parameters/

You probably need an extra printer with a profile assigned that converts to jpg,

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According to the documentation, which I could not convert.
" C: \ Program Files \ PDFCreator \ PDFCreator.exe "/ PrintFile =" D: \ TMP \ Z 01.13.16.pdf "/ PrinterName =" PDFCreator "

I understand that you need to specify where to save the file and in what format, but a suitable option is not found.



there is no parameter for the output destination, it will use whatever is configured inside the profile associated to the printer. All additional settings can only be configured in the profile settings through the GUI, or by directly using the PDFCreator COM interface.

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