PDFCreator Bad size on Page print MS Access report


I have a Microsoft Access 2016 single page Report that is saved in report design to print to PDFCreator printer, on C5 paper size. I can find nothing to explain why the same report prints radically different on different workstations.

I am running version 3.2.2 PDF Creator on three different computers, all running Windows 10.

I am running the same Access application version on all three computers.

  1. Prints correctly
  2. Prints in the far left-hand upper corner of page. Looking at page size in pdf viewer, it is 36.00 by 24.00 inches
  3. Prints over 6 pages, 4.49 x 6.38 inches, font massively enlarged, and not all pages same orientation (text opposite image)

Any thoughts on settings to check appreciated; the software is unuseable as is.



I doubt this issue is caused by PDFCreator; what happens if you print the report onto a hardware or any other printer from the 3 different workstations?
I don't know much about MS Access, but might it have user defined general printing settings which could be different on each machine?
PDFCreator will use the measurements defined by the print job and only use its own paper size setting if the print job doesn't define any.

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Thanks for the response. You are probably right, but maybe some else in the forum has come across the same or similar issue printing from Access. I've been working with Access for a long time (20 years) and PDF Creator for 4 years and never seen this behavior.

I did some further troubleshooting and discovered the following across four computers now (all Windows 10).

a. Design Access report(s) in Page Setup correctly for C5 paper format and specific printer PDFCreator.
b. Test reports on that computer: works
c. Close and zip Access dB
d. Copy zip to another computer
e. Open Access dB
f. Go immediately to report design

As our deployment strategy involves copying the same front end to sevel different PC, I will have to address the issue somehow.

1st computer. Dev computer obviously OK
2nd, all paper size changed to "C6", had to manually change and resave design
3rd, all paper size changed to "ARCH D", had to manually change and resave design
- same both before PDFCreator update (3.1.2) and after (3.3.2)
4th, paper size stayed as "C5"

So my problem isn't solved yet, but I agree it may not be PDFCreator, at least in whole. I've seen earlier posts related to problems with .Net updates and admit I do not know the specific Windows Update levels of each PC.


The issues caused by .NET updates didn't actually influence the output, they caused error messages on shutdown.
I had a quick look at Access settings to see if there is anything which could potentially cause this, but the only printing related thing I found are margins inside clientSettings->Printing, which might change the appearance but shouldn't change the actual page size.
Hopefully someone else has an idea.


Thank you Robin. I'll post an update if I ever get to the bottom of it as well