PDFcreator does not respect Chrome margins when printing webpage


On a web page in Chrome I press Crtl+P to get the print preview.
On the left I enable “custom” in Margins drop down.
So between the left paper border and the beginning of text fit at least 5 chars.

However when I print the page with PDFCreator v3.2.0 under 64bit Win7 then then resulting pdf page has very small margins and show e.g. at most a one-char-margin at the left.
At the top the same issue occurs.

So why does PDFCreator pdf printer driver not respect the margin settings of chrome?

Other pdf printer drivers do!



I tried to reproduce this, but in my case the margins settings were respected.
I currently don’t have a Win7 test machine at hand, so I tested it in Win 8.1 but both should use the same driver so I don’t really know what could be causing this. Did you ensure the print preview was set to 100% zoom?

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