PDFCreator Installation Issue


While installing PDFCreator 3.1.2 in Windows machine through Command Line “/ForceInstall /NORESTART” it cause error “Incorrect Function”. I can’t find the root cause because the manual installation is success without any error. Can anyone suggest me the solution?



why are you using the ForceInstall parameter? Do you still get the error if you use only /NORESTART ?

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Without /NORESTART also it occur with error "Incorrect Function". Is there any application level issues while updating through unattended installation?


Did you also try without ForceInstall?


I have tried below switches and got "Incorrect Function"
/ForceInstall /VERYSILENT
/ForceInstall /NORESTART
/ForceInstall /VERYSILENT /LANG=English
Please provide solution for this..