PDFCreator Server Cannot Print from Internet Explorer


Newly installed PDFCreator Server does not print from Internet Explorer. It will print from Chrome, Office Suite of application, Adobe Reader.

Is this a known feature or is it broken?

Also, where are the support channels? We are paying customers here.

EDIT: It appears PDFCreator is unable to print from webpages displayed in compatibility mode. Webpages in EDGE mode print fine.

EDIT2: Misinformation for level 1 support. Not at all a problem with PDFCreator. Close thread and apologies.



Hi there,

I have the same issue. I can print to pdfcreator from word or excel or even from firefox. Just IE does not work. It actually does not respond at all.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.



did you check the above hints/ might it be a problem with compatibility mode?
I doubt it is a PDFCreator problem, have you tried printing from IE to any other printer?

Best regards