PDFCreator server, save to file, print to default print


Just installed a trial license of PDFCreator server on a Windows 2012 print server. No problems getting things up and running, but one of the tasks I want to perform is for a user to print to a PDFCreator printer, saving the PDF file to a network folder and also have the document print to the default printer.

It didn’t work as expected initially. My assumption going in was that it would print on the user’s default printer, but after some trial and error, it appears it will only work if it prints to the default printer of the print server.

Is it possible to print it to the user’s default printer instead of the server’s default? Is this achievable through scripting? any other suggestions? This is so close to what I want to do - I’d hate to be this close and fail! Thanks!



it could be possible, the main issue will be figuring out what the users default printer actually is, since everything happens on server side with very limited info on the clients. The PDFCreator Server only receives the print job from the user, which doesn’t contain this information. It does however contain the user name/computer name of the user who started the print job, which could be used by a script to lookup the users default printer and print the created document to it (this might also be tricky due to network permissions).
It might be easier to save an additional copy of the created document on the users computer and then use some external tool / script to monitor and automatically print all files put into the folder to the users default printer.

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