Please help me to activated pdf architect 5 pro


please help me to activate pdf architect 5 … every time I input license key … message arise : check your internet connection. I’m not good at computer settings. please fill it through my pdf architect account: or what should i do ?


problem solved. thank you.



I was just going to write back to you… Anyway, thank you for letting us know.

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hi, please help, my pdf architect 5 is having trouble again … after i get email from @support pdf architect team that say old license key is not valid and given new license pdf architect 5 becomes free version again. Now what should I do? I’ve sent an email to give the offline activation file but still not get the reply … what should i do? my purchase email:



could you send me the new key as private message? Then I can check if it is the proper key.
Where you able to enter the new key into PDF Architect? Perhaps it is still using the old, deactivated key.

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I have got an offline activation file from @support, and I have activated it successfully. but I doubt it in the license info: create modules, insert, convert, edit, and others in yellow ?, not like before in green. hope there is no problem with it. Thank you for your response.