Possible to add watermark with pdf architect?


Dear pdfforge-Team,

is it possible, to add a watermark to a
pdf-file as easy as it is possible in Adobe Acrobat 11? If so, where can
I find the Tool to add a watermark?
And, if possible, can I change the settings to the watermark? Size, Transparency, Color, Background or Front,…?
I do not like to use the workaround with the print-possibility of the pdf-creator.

Thanks for your efforts.
Best regards



you can use the stamp tool (to be found in the review section), or use insert to insert a image as watermark, you can send the image to the background by right clicking on it and selecting “move back”. All of the mentioned settings can be changed.




I have been able to create a stamp, but is there no way to lock it’s dimensions? it gives me a band box that scales the stamp (unsymmetrically) and messes up the scaling of the logo.



once the stamp has been placed, you can hold the CTRL or shift key while scaling to keep the proportions intact.
Unfortunately this isn’t available while initially placing the stamp. To place the stamp in its original size, just select the stamp and click onto any position inside the document, instead of dragging an area. This will place the bottom left corner of the stamp at the selected position.

Best regards