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Is it possible to print to a preprinted document. (cms-1500) My medical billing software prints all of the cms-1500 forms data for a medical claim, but will not print the fields that the data goes in. i can scan a copy of the form in, but is there a way to get PDFCreator to print the data into a preprinted form to save as a PDF?



if I understand your question correctly, you can use the Background setting for this, create a scan of the form and point the profile setting “Modify->Background->Background File (PDF)” to it.

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I followed the directions you gave and it doesnt seem to work. I can tell that a background image is there because if flashes when i open the file, but it does not show up when the file completely opens. is there something i need to do to view the background image all the time?



it should work without additional settings, but the background will only show where the original document is empty. There might be a technical difference between a white canvas and “real emptiness”, we will need to have a closer look at this.

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so the document i’m printing to the background image already has a white background?


this could potentially be the issue, yes.
But without directly looking at the documents it will be hard to say for sure, could you send them or any example to support(at)